President (1): Presides over monthly General and Board meetings. Prepares the year's Budget with the Treasurer. Oversees all Club details.

First Vice President (1): Organizes the monthly General Meetings. Assists President as needed. (If no Hospitality chair, provides food for meetings)

Hospitality (1): Assists First Vice President with planning and executing General Meetings.

Second Vice President (1): Liaison for new members. Maintains membership list and collects dues.

Treasurer (1): Maintains financial records and files the necessary forms for Federal and State regulations.

Corresponding Secretary (1): Sends out "New Baby" and "Get Well" cards and other correspondence.

Recording Secretary (1): Takes and reads the minutes at both general and monthly Board Meetings.


Parliamentarian (1): Acts as adviser on all voting and business procedures. Prepares ballot for future club positions. Chairs nominating committee.

Fundraising Chair (1): Oversees club fundraising events, including Halloween at the Rail Trail, Gingerbread Houses, Princess & Superhero Party, Touch-a-Truck, and Rock and Roll Bingo. Provides support when needed to subcommittee fundraising chairs.

Gingerbread House Decorating Event Committee (2): Plans all aspects of the annual Gingerbread House Decorating event.

Touch-a-Truck Committee (3): Plans all aspects of the annual Touch-a-Truck fundraiser.

Halloween at the Rail Trail Committee (2): Plans all aspects of the annual Halloween Rail Trail event.

Princess & Superhero Party (3): Plans all aspects of the annual Princess & Superhero Party.

Publicity (1): Writes articles for media and cable station regarding Club events. Provides and executes creative ways to publicize club recruiting events throughout the year.

Social Media (1): Updates the Club facebook pages on upcoming events and posts photos and recaps of Club activities.

Welcome Committee (1): Connects with new members when they join, provides them with resources such as recent newsletters and dates for upcoming events.

Social Activities (2): Organizes social events during the year.

Family Activities (1): Organizes family-oriented events throughout the year:

    • Playgroup Coordinator (1)
    • Children’s Activities (2)
    • Santa Visit Coordinator (1)

Ladies Escapes (2): Coordinates bi-monthly fun, local Ladies Night Out events.

Dinner Club (2): Arranges and coordinates dinner hosts, dates and times.

Book Club (2): Chooses monthly reading selection and coordinates meeting places and times.

Newsletter Editor (1): Collects articles from Board and Committee members and creates monthly newsletter to be distributed to Club members via email.

Thanksgiving Baskets (4): Coordinates the annual Thanksgiving Baskets civic activity; collects donations, arranges food drives, organizes and packs donations for distribution at the Food Pantry.

Easter Baskets (1): Coordinates donations the annual Easter Basket drivecollects donations, arranges food drives, organizes and packs donations for distribution at the Food Pantry.

Webmaster (1): Keeps the HNN website up-to-date with articles and activity information.

Community Investments (5-7): Coordinates grant applications and appropriations of fundraising funds. Note: selection follows by-law rules set forth by HNN.

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