HNN Board Members



  • President: Christel DiPippo 
  • 1st Vice President: Katrine Giroux 
  • 2nd Vice President: Debbie Colburn 
  • Treasurer: Beth O'Dea Ng 
  • Recording Secretary: Karen Haynes 
  • Corresponding Secretary: Cindy Carr

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  • Fundraising Chair: Robin Bowman
  • Halloween at the Rail Trail Committee: Julianne Catlin
  • Gingerbread House Decorating: Beth O'Dea Ng, Tracey Geden
  • Princess & Superhero Party: Christel DiPippo, Katrine Giroux, Erica Long
  • Touch-a-Truck Committee: Roan Miles, Julianne Catlin, Jennifer Hatch
  • Publicity: Michelle Walquist
  • Welcome Committee: Julianne Catlin
  • Family Activities: Timea Kovacs (Playgroup Coordinator), Julianne Catlin (Children's Activities), Santa Visit Coordinator (Jennifer Hemming, Erin Mack)
  • Dinner Club: Beth Welch
  • Book Club: Sue Hatton, Cindy Carr
  • Ladies Escape: Jennifer Mott, Timea Kovacs
  • Newsletter Editor: John Keogh
  • Thanksgiving Baskets: Debbie Colburn, Melissa Marien, Katrine Grioux
  • Food Pantry/Easter Baskets: Melissa Marien
  • Webmaster: Angela Herring Page

Open general board positions: Parliamentarian (1), , Social Media (1), Social Activities (2).

Learn more about the positions or apply to become a board member.

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